Warranty and Refund Policy

Privacy Policy


Caribbean Sluggers LLC and it’s staff will not share any of your personal information with other organizations nor will we send unsolicited emails.  If you do request information from us, you will receive an e-mail with the information that you requested. We may also send you e-mail as notification with regards to your tracking number for shipping purposes or the purchase you have made. You will receive newsletters or other announcements from us only if you have requested this service.


Return Policy


Our goal at Caribbean  Sluggers is to design, craft and create the most durable bats on the market. However wood bats can break for a number of reasons including damage during the shipping process, improper storage, lending it to a friend, hit placement and throwing the bat to the ground in frustration . A perfect piece of wood, turned by Caribbean Sluggers can still break if the hitter makes contact with a ball on the wrong spot of the bat. Also, selecting the correct style and model of bat, can also play a huge role in bat breakage.


Here at Caribbean Sluggers we trust in our ability to create a strong product, thats why we are offering a 30 Day Warranty from time of receipt of the bat. After 30 days, we cannot guarantee how the bat has been used or stored.  The Warranty does not include the Pro Sluggs, Youth Sluggs or any ash made bats.